preserved flowers

Please inquire further about our Infinity Flower decorations. Did you know that these flowers can actually last forever? What an incredible memory it would be to have some of the flowers at your event be a keepsake and stay with you forever. V&Z will customize create these preserved flowers with a unique art arrangement which isn’t available any where else in the UAE.


Each culture has its own traditions and special distinguished features that makes it unique and individual. V&Z Art Events provides a great variety of cultural decoration for lots of countries, including China, Korea, Japan, India, Italia, Russia, USA, UK, Ukraine, Brazil, etc. Our professional and experienced team highlights every event or festival and creates unforgettable atmosphere of your occasion. We would like to offer you an individual type of decoration for your event. Be free to contact V&Z Art Events to make your event stunning and bring WOW effect to your guests.

lights decoration

When we are talking about events, first what is coming to our mind is beautiful lights and decorations around. Every event we are working on is a masterpiece which always unique and unforgettable. V&Z Art Events would like to offer your clients all type of lights decoration. Lights tunnel will make any festival look amazing and unusual. However, Fair and Tent Lights will be perfect for weddings and private parties. If you need to create a charming lighting design for your event V&Z Art Events is the right company.