Event management


If you are looking for event management that will ensure the audience remembers your event, V&Z Art Events will help you to organize that. Our professional team understand entertainment creation and will offer you unique experience.
From circus shows and street performance, to corporate events and malls festivals we offer every type of performance for every client. Contact V&Z Art Events and learn more about our unforgettable events.


Organizing a conference from the ground up requires a tremendous amount of forethought and data gathering. The entire process can take a couple of months depending on the size of the group and various topics such as academic, medical, business, and training and internet conferences etc. Each conference serves different objects and can boost your business or help in solving different corporative problems. V&Z Art Events is proud to organize all these types of the corporate events in very tight timing, including planning, managing, coordinating, operating etc…read more


Do you want to organize a concert in Dubai or throughout the UAE? V&Z Art Events is the event management company you need! Our experience provides us with the edge in sourcing the best performers and celebrity guests. Concerts often require live event support with professional sounds, lights and stage equipment. V&Z Art Events completely accomplishes this task with combining our main goal of seeing a crowd of people smiling and enjoying the events.

gala dinner

V&Z Art Events creates amazing and stunning gala dinners ever. High service and managing all the sides of this type of events, allow our experienced team to operate work under very tight deadline. We organize professional and high level events to meet our client’s demand. V&Z Art Events provides your gala-dinners with a great variety of entertainment options and catering service. Trust us to create unforgettable emotions and everlasting impression for your guests during the event.

art exhibitions

From conception to execution, V&Z Art Events’ services will help define your brand to effectively communicate with a target audience. Our team adapt to the mindset of a brand owner, in order to create unforgettable experiences for our clients through the customised designs and ideas of various advertising and promotion campaigns. Your brand exhibit will not only stand out, but will be transformed into a human magnet, attracting customers and delivering your brand experience.


A Marriage Made in Heaven…Have a stress-free and fun-filled wedding with us. V&Z Art Events provides excellence and dedicated wedding service to its clients throughout the UAE. Trust us to provide you with: Professional and well-trained staff, receptionists and wedding coordinators, just like your extended family we will plan, conceptualize, organize and handle your dream wedding. Fast, complete and quality service. You will have nothing to complain or worry about, because we will take care of all the problems that may arise…read more


Best festival organiser throughout the UAE V&Z Art Events has grateful international clients and attendees with a magical combination of highly talented entertainers, international professional acts and wonderful venues. Our company creates a WOW effect using lightening and decoration, arranges amazing sets and mixes balloons and floristic for a fun and festive atmosphere.


Have you ever participated in an Art Workshop? Dubai is an incredible city, one that offers plenty of sites and opportunity. It’s not often you can participate in art and creating something while being in a beautiful setting, for example, a cafe or a garden. We create social atmosphere and gather a great group of individuals to experience flower arrangement, painting, drawing or just simply to enjoy the atmosphere . You will also be able to see the entire event documented through photography and have a link to view at your leisure.

private parties

Planning and organizing private party require a lot of management skills and professionalism – not less than to organize another type of event. Our highly experienced team will help to make each event an amazing adventure, providing great memories and fun. Including all facets such as: music, decoration, food, bar, catering services, photography and others, V&Z Art Events guarantees our clients an innovative and creative concept of the party from A to Z. We carefully take into account your vision of the special occasion in order to plan for your guests a fabulous event.

equipment rental

To organize and hold a great event or concert, you need to know how to set up all equipment from the stage, lighting and sound system to 3D Mapping etc. V&Z Art Events is exactly the company that solves all these intentions, providing innovative equipment to your events. Our team of experienced and professional technicians allows us to provide high quality service and full managing during the event. Let it be a conference, a concert, a product launch, an exhibition, a festival or a private party and other, V&Z Art Events guarantees that your event equipment will be incredible stunning and make your event successful.