Media advertising

indoor advertising

Indoor Advertising is one of the effective and innovative types of advertising. Our company provides to the clients all types of indoor advertising in malls, such as Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall, Yas Mall and others. We offer a huge amount of advertising screens around the city. If you are looking for successful event and way how to promote it, V&Z Art Events is your partner who definitely will help you.

outdoor advertising

V&Z Art Events provides different types of outdoor advertising include billboards, outdoor screens, street banners and so on.
To promote a big concert or a festival, the outdoor advertising is a right way to do it. However, billboards, street banners and outdoor screens can be very effective for the small-business. Also, our company, provides you with full support during the campaign you are doing with us.

tv and radio

Radio and TV advertising is a right way to promote any upcoming concert or exhibition. UAE has a huge amount of famous radio stations and TV channels as City FM,Dubai Eye ,Dubai Tv,City 7 TV and others. V&Z Art Events can provide your clients with radio and TV Advertising options. If you want to hear about your event on the radio to attract an audience, please contact us now.

newspapers and magazines

To public press release, news or article it is a great way to promote your event. Gulf News,7 Days or Emarat Times will help you to advertising all events. Our company will be grateful to help you to make your event successful and memorable.